Helping You Sell to your NZ customers

Partnering with Global Administration allows your NZ customers to deal with a New Zealand company.

Eliminate administrative complications relating to the import of goods by contracting us to act as your New Zealand administration agent.

You Secure the Sale

You Secure the Sale

to your New Zealand Customer

We Administer the Sale

We Administer All Aspects of the Sale

Goods are Imported

Goods are Imported

and delivered to your customer

The Customer Buys Direct

The Customer Buys Direct

from us from within New Zealand


Our Services


If you are exporting to NZ and don’t have a NZ base then Global can really help.  We make the process easy by administering the sale to ensure your customer buys from a NZ company.  Global deals with customs and importation matters and works closely with your freight or Logistics provider.

When should I contact Global?

It is always best to talk to us as soon as you know you will be selling your goods in NZ.  Global can then advise on the most appropriate way to structure the sale – so talk to us early!

Who should use Global?

Global can help anyone outside NZ wishing to sell goods of any kind to a NZ entity.  Global is also an ideal partner for Freight Forward and Logistics companies wishing to provide creative solutions to their customers.

Why do I need Global?

Global makes it easy for your NZ customer to buy from you.  As your customer buys from Global they will not need to get involved in customs and importation issues or pay GST at the border.

What about NZ Goods and Services Tax (GST)?

Goods imported into NZ will usually incur a 15% GST charge when imported.  The manner in which you sell to your NZ customer will have GST consequences.   It is possible that the 15% GST on importation cannot be recovered and becomes a cost to you.  Using Global means that all GST issues are handled by Global and NZ GST will not be a cost to you.

Does Global make the sale for me?

Not really.  You deal direct with your customers and negotiate the sale.  Once the sale is made, Global steps in by processing and administering the sale on your behalf.  The good news is that you retain a direct connection and relationship with your New Zealand clients!

What are my options if I don’t use Global?

A great many sales are made into NZ without using the services Global has to offer.  Your options include setting up a branch of company in NZ or just selling direct to your customer who will then need to become the importer of the goods.

Global provides a cost effective alternative that can significantly reduce your compliance costs in New Zealand.


Peter Korff

Peter Korff

Managing Director

Peter is a fully qualified Chartered Accountant with over 34 years’ experience in Chartered Accountancy in New Zealand and in business generally.

Peter has worked with a wide range of business owners and sectors and has had experience working in Australia, USA, Taiwan, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands.

Peter has also held general management roles in both New Zealand and Australia. Peter brings a wealth of knowledge of tax matters, GST and trading structures in New Zealand and is well placed to assist international companies in relation to actual or proposed trading activities in New Zealand.

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